Michael von Hohenberg was born in November 1973 in the north-east of Bavaria, Germany. His family, in former years known as „von Oelhafen“, have a 700 years history. After college he startet an apprenticeship as a brewer. 1998 he went to Munich to study acting. Besides and after he played theater in Munich, Hof, Wunsiedel and Bayreuth. 2001 he got his first film role in a TV movie. From then on he acted in a lot of roles on TV and in cinema movies. The most famous were Tatort and (T)raumschiff Surprise: Periode 1. Contemporaneous he was interested in the work behind the camera. He worked for daily soap as well as for international movies to learn all about filmmaking. During this time he worked with stars like Peter Ustinov, Joseph Fiennes, Alfred Molina, Michael Ironside and Bruno Ganz. 2003 he founded a film company together with his girlfriend and shot his first short movie. 2006 the first feature film „The Evolution Evidence“ was produced. 2010 Michael directed his second feature film „Legend of brothers“ with a lot of german celebrities and was nominated for the german human rights film award against racism. In this year he married his long-standing girlfriend Jutta Weiss.
2012 he produced his actual feature film „Final Picture“, for which he wrote the screenplay, and was responsible for directing and camera. 2013 this movie won an audience award at a german film festival. 2014 Michael got the „Yellow Oscar“ for the best nuclear movie worldwide at the international Uranium Filmfestival in Rio de Janeiro. The Festival presented the movie also in Berlin, Germany and in Quebec and Montreal, Canada. 2016 Final Picture is screened in Los Angeles.
Michael von Hohenberg also works as a film commissioner for his region and is head of the district filmmaking club. His next bigger projects are a crime movie, including a little crime web-series and he is preparing an international historic movie about „Margravine Wilhelmine“.

Contact: mailto:michael@von-hohenberg.de